Age of Creation

Followed by the Age of Titans

Lord Eo pulls world tendril from the Abyss.

Coming of the Titans

Titanic army of Giants and Celestials clear world tendril of abyssal influence. Celestials divide into two groups, one to oversee the tendril and one to guard it from abyssal incursions.

Titans form the World from pieces of an unknown realm. Creatures are brought in from other realms to regulate the environment.

Titan magics begin to unravel the fabric of reality. The great rifts cause monstrous multicoloured serpents to pour in from beyond. These Chromatic Dragons refuse to ally themselves with the titans and Eo and scatter across Ord.

Dimensional rifts cause widespread damage to Ord. Empyreans along with the titanforged races fight back trans dimensional creatures but suffer tragic losses.

Overgod Eo seals the realm in a crystalline sphere of energy reinforcing the dimensional rifts but sealing the sphere from the Omniverse. Such colossal effort causes Eo to weaken.