Age of Dragons
Age of Dragons

11,249-4780 years ago (0-6,470 II)

Preceded by the Age of Titans

Followed by the Age of Heroes

Secretive wars breaks out between the Chromatic and Metallic dragons as Xorvintaal begins.

Human explorers set sail colonizing the uninhabited lands to the South and the West including the Farwest continent. Many humans begin migrating in mass to this new continent to flee from the xorvental dragons. Those outside of the major cities must contend with living humble nomadic lifestyles to avoid luring dragons.

Elves, cut off from their gods and stranded on Ord, begin to acclimate to their new home. Elven cities make contact with the men of Farwest.

The dwarven city of Kolzamor is deemed a high prize by dragons and becomes a target of Xorvental. Dwarves retreat to defend their underground kingdom.

Moon War / The Tarnishing of the Cele'Ældon

The Elven race is sundered into the High Elves, the Wood Elves and the Dark Elves.

Humans from the arcane cities of the Farwest sense a power vacuum and return to form the Kingdom of Man. The Farwesti humans bargain with the native Yupik'yod humans to assist them in hunting dragons.

The Farwest is infiltrated by Vashar.

Reckless Human archmagi, deluded by Vashar, reach out to bargain with otherworldly forces and work to weaken the Material plane's dimensional membrane causing Fey creatures and Aberrations to pour into the Farwest.

Jilin and many aberrant creatures take a foothold in the Farwest region.

The cities of Farwest are destroyed by a mighty coalition of dragons and giants lead by Bahamut and a Storm Giant chieftain Boleros Béimnech. The remaining humans are driven to the East into the fledgling Kingdom of Man as the Coalition of Thundering Clouds attempts to scour their remaining archmagi from the world.

The Kingdom of Man works to retake the Northland and expand across the landscape, displacing the nomadic peoples.

Draconic populations dwindle. Xorvental begins culling weaker dragons.