Age of Heroes
Age of Heroes

4779-877 years ago (0-3903 III)

Preceded by the Age of Dragons

Followed by the Age of Ingenuity

Founding of the Ibyth Goblin empire

Kolzamar and Kazolmor fall to a plague of undeath and are sealed. The survivors travel West and South, taking the Empyrean faith with them.

Northern Kingdom of Man is shattered by civil war. The rebel Nobles in the North manage to overthrow house Halyron and transform the country into the ironically named Thessan Federation lead by the Council of Six. High King Thessan Halyron's forces and his Danasian allies are pushed to the South. A Danasian army travels around the great glacier and attacks the rebel stronghold in the North, killing the Dwarven Mountain King. A branch of the Cruisgar clan furiously storm Danasian holdings in the South and after a long engagement the Cruisgars are triumphant, with Durtom Crûsgar defeating The Dan in single combat in what is now the city of Dan's Rest. Durtom renames his clan Dankil. The Danasians venerate strength in arms and many of them accept the rule of the Dankil clan.

Second Moon War

Events of the Elfslayer Campaign.

The Dark Elves return using Vasharan binding magic to conjure an avatar of Lyttan to conquer the surface world.

Adventurers including Austuril Liadon, Aragoth Hellslay and Dirk Dankil defeat the Dark Elf Queen, The Hero Deity Valotha and Avatar of Lyttan. Liadon developed a cult following and is worshiped by elves as the Lord of Retribution. Dirk likewise developed a devoted following of Dwarves and is venerated as Dirk the Berserk. Hellslay rejects a cult following and is granted an Elven lifespan as thanks for his service to the Empyrean Church. He returns to unite Thessan Federation and rule as the First Grand Duke.

One of Aragoth Hellslay's experiments with dimensional portals goes awry and permanent portals to Cania are opened in the North. The corrupting cold of the silent realms drives the human population South. Devils agree to not cross through the portals in exchange for resources and aid in the fight against the Abyss. Hellslay agrees wholeheartedly and countless soldiers and supplies are sent to aid in the Blood War.

Human pirates establish a simple port on the Ibyth coast.

Last Moon War

The Demon Lord Horcos Karun with the aid of the revived Valotha the Lady of Betrayal, the Dark Elves and the Vashar corrupt the Ibyth Empire and march on the Silver Reach before being defeated by Austuril Liadon, Dirk Dankill and Aragoth Hellslay. The battles are catastrophic for the waning Ibyth Empire who are forced to withdraw to their North Western holdings, gifting much of the southern region to the fledgling human communities.

The fledgling human communities band together and a community begins to coalesce around the Fort Findle keep. The city-states of Findle and Wingar are officially established.