Age of Ingenuity
Age of Ingenuity

1050 years ago (0-877 IV)

Preceded by the Age of Heroes

Followed by the Age of the King

The port of Wingar and surrounding villages and forts rally at the call of the Empyrean Church and become the kingdom of Findle. Relative peace rules the kingdom for three centuries

Events of the Curse of the Seeker's Ring Campaign.

Azogun priests move to conquer Findle by using one of Hellslay's spell books to pierce the weak points in the dimensional membrane. The spell backfires and demons pour into Findle.

Events of the Fortune of the Four Campaign.

The demons are defeated and the rift is sealed by St. Reluse, Jodando Legault, Arundel Shay and Quixote. Unfortunately Findle takes heavy losses, including the King, Alpert II and many nobles.

St. Reluse ventures north following the trail of the Azogun priests and founds the Pious Order of St. Reluse. Arundel Shay takes the mantle of Steward of Findle until a new king is found. Jodando Legault travels to Danasia to beat the Cruisegar clan in a game of wits and ends up ruiling all of Eastern Danasia. Quixote lived in Findle until his constant abuse and impregnation of random women forces Arundel to eject him and his boisterous half-satyr sons. He forms "the Blackhorns" bandit gang with his children and permanently nestles himself as a thorn in Arundel's side.

Shay opens Findle to monstrous races and Dark Elves. Partly as an insult to Quixote that these races are less disruptive than he.

The High Elves and Wood Elves reject the outcast Shay's rule of Findle and leave in protest.

Events of the Unsung Heroes Campaign.

Shay's estranged granddaughter and her adventuring companions,  the Heroes of Circumstance, fail to foil a Dark Elf plot to travel to the past and rewrite history in their favour. As a result of a time travel paradox, the energy barrier reinforcing the membrane separating the world from the Outside bursts causing the world to dissolve.

The Hero's along with some of their close friends, relatives, Parun the God of Debauchery and even some of their old enemies manage to reach the demi plane of Concordant Opposition and learn of a place called The Observatory which allows them to travel back and assist in setting the world right again.

Arundel Shay steps down as Steward of Findle, announcing the heir to the throne has been found in Pahlin Holt. The adventurers go their separate ways.