Age of Titans
First Age

20,000-11,250 years ago (0-8750 I)

Preceded by the Age of Creation

Followed by the Age of Dragons

Titans create First great empire

Titans form a strict caste system. Over time this cast system forms Dwarves, Giants, and the ruling elite, the Empyreans. The Dwarves and Giants worship the Empyreans as gods/kings.

Titans domesticate some of the great serpents, imbuing them with the strength and likeness of metals. The new creatures become the first Metallic Dragons.

The lower celestials are effected by the horrors of the Abyss and begin to take advantage of demonic methods of using souls as power. In their fight against the demons, Hellfire is developed and lower celestials become the first Devils.

The crystal sphere is pierced by fleets of ships from other parts of the omniverse. The beings eternal war spills onto Ord.

Landing of the Elves and Orcs

War between Elves and Orcs begins. History tells that both sides were said to have had the ability to fly. This was known as the War of Wings.

Eo is fascinated with the elves and showers them with gifts. The Empereans grow jealous and the two factions begin to war with one another. Eo is so heartbroken that he vanishes from the cosmos. Shortly after, the first Elf Lords and Hero Deities rise up, wielding great and terrible powers.

Birth of the Vashar.

The Vashar refuse to bow to the will of the Empyreans. Their open defiance has a profound effect on the Empyrean princess Lyttan.

Lyttan grows increasingly unstable under the influence of the Vashar and comes to the conclusion that the Abyss is the true natural state of the multiverse. Demons, summoned by the Empyrean Lyttan ravage the Titan empire for resources and souls. Most of the Empyreans are killed in the battle. The Empire falls and the survivors flee West to disappear into the mountains taking the worship of their god/kings with them.

The surviving Empyreans, with their godly powers, realize that their mere presence causes too much upheaval in Ord and retreat to a less fragile planes, vowing to never again endanger the material plane with the power of their true forms. They act through empowering worthy mortals and occasionally create material avatars with a fraction of their true power.

Founding of Kolzamar/Kazolmor and the birth of Mankind.