Age of The King
Age of the King

158 years ago to present (0-158 V)

Preceded by the Age of Ingenuity

Pahlin Holt is crowned king of Findle, the first king of the region in nearly 400 years. At his coronation he announces the restoration of the old laws and allow some of the Empyrean clergy to venerate Azogun once again. Arudel had previously made a bargain with the Azogun clergy in Danasia to exchange aid for religious pardons. When Pahlin Holt rejects the deal, the priests rally the Danasian army and stage an invasion of Findle. The war with Danasia takes its toll on both countries and Thessen steps in to demand a cease fire. Pahlin Holt reorgonizes the kingdom into a theocratic monarchy with himself as head of the church and outlaws worship of other deities. This angers many goblin-kin who favor the Daern over the Empyreans.

An army of goblin-kin claiming to be the remnant of the Ibyth Empire marches southward gaining steam and attacking elven settlements. Findle withdraws its forces from nearby contested territories and throws its full force into defending the elven realm. A fleet of flying ships appear and apparently take sides in the battle, fighting each other before leaving without notice. Obvious parallels are drawn to the ancient War of Wings. Thessan remains neutral, while Findle, Olgun Quisir and Herat hold off an opportunistic invasion by the now United Danasian Empire. This event nearly bankrupts the already damaged Findle. Pahlin Holt's son, King Artenius and grandson Prince Averardus are killed in the war. The aged king is forced to retake the throne until his great-grandchildren Roric and Lilliana are old enough. Coupled with heavy handed treaties which give Danasia land holdings to the Southeast of Findle, this period of recession is known as the "Year of Misfortune."

War and corruption rage through the kingdom. Findle has never recovered from the losses it suffered and relations with Thessan have become tense in the wake of the war with Danasia. Several cities on the borders contemplate seceding from the kingdom and rumors of famine are spreading. King Pahlin Holt has passed away at the age of 172 and the debate rages as to which of the twin heirs will take the throne.

Events of the Voyage of Blackwell's Crew Campaign.

Events of the Weight of the 6 Demon Bag Campaign.