Alistyre Onyx-Brass
Basic Information
Aliases Al
Home Traveler
Former home(s) Meeles
Gender Male
Race Hill Dwarf
Class Druid
Patron Lunili
Date of birth 92 V
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age 65
Level 11
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Alistyre (pronounced OWL-iss-stare) Onyx-Brass is a Hill Dwarf Druid from the city of Meles. Standing at a hearty 4’8’, he is roughly 65 years of age with tan skin, light brown hair, and a full braided beard. Close friends may call him Al, yet he insists that everyone, even strangers, is a close friend of his, and should refer to him as such. Despite this, most still call him by his full name.

Alistyre is an exuberant, enthusiastic fellow. He is most often found in a cheerful, welcoming mood, fueled by his passion for puzzles and mystery. A stark optimist, he absolutely relishes his inquisitive nature, rivaling that of Sherlock Holmes. He wears his emotion on his sleeve. Highly emotional, he rarely experiences anger or sadness, yet expresses his feelings in hyperbolic fashion when he does.

On first impression, Alistyre represents a father figure of sorts; a man who, if you arrived to his door unannounced, would welcome you in with open arms and invite you for a grand meal. Unbeknownst to you, however, he would spend the majority of the meal talking your ear off about unsolved mysteries from his travels, and his misadventurous attempts to solve them. His laugh is hearty and infectious, and is often accompanied by a loud “THWACK” on the table with his open palm.

Alistyre has spent most of his young (for a dwarf) life traveling the lands of Ord, researching various agricultural techniques and the accompanying flora of far-off lands. He holds a special place in his heart for his hometown of Meles, and frequently returns to share his discoveries with his agricultural community, in hopes of prolonging their prosperity. Alistyre often gets sidetracked, however, as he cannot ignore the allure of a good mystery. He views nature as the greatest mystery of all, and therefore chose the path of a druid in order to get one step closer to understand the existence of life and nature. He views the world’s religions with great intrigue, and is so fascinate by the disparate tenants of them all that he finds it difficult to associate himself to any single one.

About 25 years ago, when researching a newly discovered herb which was reported to be indigenous to the Wraith Pine, he enlisted the help of a fellow traveler, London Bucklebough. They bonded quickly over their outgoing natures and their love of mystery and the unknown, so therefore London assisted Alistyre in acquiring some of the herb without hesitation. This was the last time Alistyre had seen London. He was devastated to learn of his passing, as Alistyre never forgets a face. He carries the vial London shipped him with the greatest of intrigue, but keeps the details of the contents private, making it one of the only secrets he has ever kept.  

Alistyre is the proprietor of Onyx-Brass Farms.  

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