The Hafea'llarion or Ancestor Stone is the most sacred artifact to the grey elven peope of Mith'Taern. Originally a large hexagonical uncut emerald crystal, the Hafea'llarion has been imbued with the thoughts of generations of grey elf lords, making it invaluable to the leadership of the small nation.

In the second age, copper elves under the command of the dragons of xorvental discovered the stone in a treasure trove held by a green dragon family and their goblin-kin servants. The stone caused a great amount of infighting between the elves and their draconic allies before being spirited away by Paralas the Pale and taken deep into the mountains of Yod by his followers. This widened the rift between the copper elves and the grey elves. The descendants of Paralas the Pale used the stone in their religious rituals, and under the guidance of Bahamut, imbued it with the memories and history of their people. Over the eons the gemstone has absorbed the spiritual essence of so many grey elves that said spirits are able manifest physically. The Mith'Taerni elf lords, noblemen and high priests, interpret the will of these spirits to help guide their people and work to imbue themselves onto the Hafea'llarion to aid future generations.


Grey Elves regularly venerate the spirits of the Hafea'llarion. These spirits will guide their followers by communing information and granting spells. Worshipers enact the will of the Ancestor Stone in hopes being worthy to become one with the stone after death.

Cleric Domains

LightDom CityDom KnowledgeDom ProtectionDom


Fea-Shard Weapons

Close proximity to the Hafea'llarion imbues mundane emeralds with strength and resilience greater than worked steel. Such gemstones can be cut and ground into Fea-Shard weapons.