Pious Emblem
The Pious Order of St. Reluse

This knightly order is dedicated to eradicating evil and spreading the Empyrean faith across Ord. Founded by St. Reluse the Tenacious. Knights of the Pious Order work tirelessly to promote Empyrean ideals and protect the citizens of Findle. This organization works very closely with the Shining blades and members are more often than not associated with both organizations. The two organizations are often confused, however, the Pious order serves the gods directly as opposed to directly serving the king or the church.

The Pious Order was created by ex members of the Stalwart Order of the Shining Blades when the later order was dissolved following the failed Tus rebellion. When the Shining Blades were re-created at the start of the fifth age, much of the Pious Order in Findle joined the Reborn order of the Shining Blades in service of King Holt. Those remaining were less militant, working more to spread the faith than to serve as soldiers.

The Pious Order is headquartered in Tus and works in opposition of the Empyrean laws regarding heretics. They believe in leading by example instead of punishing the unfaithful.

Pious Knight