Aravyr Icewind
Aravyr Icewind
Basic Information
Aliases Sister Icewind
Home Materan Temple

Helmstadt Valley

Former home(s) Callahax


Gender Female
Race Human, Thessan
Class Cleric
Patron Materan, Empyrean
Date of birth 136 V
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age 21
Level 5
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown

Pronounced "Ah-ra-veer"

Aravyr is a young agent of the Materan Brotherhood. As a child she became a deacon at the Materan temple in the Helmstadt Valley. She has since companied several high ranking emissaries sent to negotiate between Thessan and Findle.

She is extremely charitable and offers magical aid to as many of the people of Findle as she can, often asking for very little in return.

She has recently been tasked with accompanying the Bishop Olahorn Milani from Findle to Thessan to assist in the negotiation for aid.