Arco Vonovich
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Unknown
Former home(s) Male
Gender Unknown
Race Rock Gnome
Class Bard
Patron Parun
Date of birth 4123
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 8
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Arco Vonovich was a hero in the third age. He was a member of the Sublime Chord Circle along with Arundel Shay, and a close companion to Bishop Greenwood, Jodando Legault and St. Geshran. He was the founder of the Vonovich Bard College in Vestoras and lead dozens of archeological digs. He vanished after touching a mysterious necklace in a dungeon to the East and was never seen in Ord again.

The necklace was one of ten and transported him to a desolate world. He was saved by the grace of Mab as his companions were terrorized and slaughtered. He lived among the native fey while exploring his new world but has not yet found a way back to Ord.