Aurorum is a metal native to the Lucidial plane. While it is common on that plane, it rarely makes it to the prime material plane. This luminous metal gleams with varying hues of pink and indigo, and emit bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for an additional 20 feet much like a torch.

Forging aurorum is extremely difficult as the material seems to have its own preferred shape. Weapons and armor forged from aurorum will bend and twist themselves into bizarre and unpredictable shapes before finally settling into a final form.

An aurorum weapon, shield, or suit of armor that has been sundered can be reformed by bringing together its fragments (a full-round action). The broken pieces bond quickly and seamlessly, restoring the item to its previous state. Aurorum can be used to replace wood as well as metal allowing weapons made of either substance to reform. Most arorum items, including ammunition, are formed entirely of this substance.

Aurorum metal s worth twice its weight in gold, costing roughly 100 gp per pound

Item Type Cost Modifier Strength Requirement Modifier Weight Modifier
Ammunition +50 gp - -
Light weapon +500 gp + (100 gp per pound) - -
One-handed weapon +1000 gp + (100 gp per pound) - -
Two-handed weapon +2000 gp + (100 gp per pound) - -
Medium Armor +1000 gp + (100 gp per pound) - -
Heavy Armor +2000 gp + (100 gp per pound) - -
Shields +500 gp + (100 gp per pound) - -