Basic Information
Aliases God of Power, The Chain Bearer
Pantheon Empyrean
Home Tartarus
Former home(s) Kolzamar
Gender Male
Race Empyrean Titan
Class Fighter
Portfolio Superiority, Ironworking, Imprisonment
Primary Cleric Domain Forge
Secondary Cleric Domains Strength, Order
Holy symbol Black Chains

Golden Anvil

Date of birth Unknown
Date of accension Unknown
Date of death Unknown

Level Unknown
Alignment Lawfil Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Azogun is the elder twin of Nuadun. He was the favored ruler of the other Titans and was a harsh critic of Nuadun. He was the chosen son of Eo the overgod and ruled as second in command for millennia. Azogun is the father of dwarves and from his ancient forge, he taught the dwarves the secrets of steel. Towards the end of the Age of Creation, Eo the overgod disappeared and Nuadun forced himself into the role of lord of the pantheon, banishing his elder brother. Azogun spent eons scheming and plotting to retake the lordship, resenting his brother and failing multiple coup d'etats. He once ruled over a vast portion of the lower planes, but was dethroned after a final failed coup d'etats of the Empyrean Church by his followers. He retains a very small proportion of his power within his realm of Tartarus, the prison of the gods. His early portfolio included Honor in place of Imprisonment, having been altered by the perception of his current role. His original symbol was a golden anvil on a red diamond.

Most of his diabolic servants in the fourth and fifth age began to follow the scattered archfiends. Most notably Ashmedai, lord of Infernus.


Azogun's ancient holy symbol. The mark of the forge. This symbol can still be found in Danasia as well as some ancient places and giant ruins.

Cleric Domains

ForgeDom StrengthDom OrderDom


Azogun is now a dour and humourless deity. His small influence in the Empyrean Church is mostly consolidated in the Inquisition, a group of faithful who publicly seek out and punish heretics but privately work to promote Azogun's superiority over Nuadun. 


Azogun has a strong following in Danasia. Worshipers view his as the god of Power and gather in large numbers. He embodies martial might, conquest and power. Using the same symbols he did in ancient times. The forge as a symbol of the power of his craft and the chain, symbolizing the strength of a unified people. Since the fall of the Azogun Cult in the fourth age, agents of Azogun have sought to unify the peoples of Danasia against the Empyrean Church. His church is centered in Oldan and several holdings like the Carcerum of the Master's Forge in Gangdan or the Carcerum of the Heir of Eo in Mungu.

Cult of the One God

Azogun has a unique relationship with the Cult of the One God compared to the other Titans. The cult itself supports Azogun's claim to be the legitimate heir to the overgod. Members of these groups only rarely work together, but are almost never hostile to one another.


Azogun's realm is the prison Tartarus, a baffling and labyrinthine citadel on the Umbreal plane.