Baliar The Wingless
Basic Information
Aliases Goldriver Serpent
Home Scara Mountains
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Female
Race Gold Dragon
Class Unknown
Patron Bahamut
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death 3898 III
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Trident of Fish Command

Baliar The Wingless was a great wyrm living in the Scara Mountains. She was a major player in Xorvintaal, although willingly quit the great game after being severely wounded in combat with Golorathis Glassweaver. The wounds she sustained from the blue dragon would permanently cripple her wings and prevent her from flying. Baliar withdrew from the world, living under a small river in the wilderness. Seeing her shed golden scales wash down stream, the local humans named the river after her, and in later ages, she was known as the Goldriver Serpent.

Natural disasters wracked the local village in the third age and Baliar took it upon herself to defend and provide for the small population of humans. Centuries later, no pure humans lived in the valley, but instead, a small population of dragon blooded. Her most notable decendant was St. Reluse the Tenacious.

Beliar allied herself with the Danasian settlers near the Southern Peninsula. She attempted to negotiate peace between the Danasians and Dwarves until she was slain during the sack of the city of Dan's Rest by Durtom Dankil and his Mountain Dwarves.


Baliar was an ally to the Danasian settlers of the Southern Scara mountains.