Wild growing blue vushroon.


Prepared blue vushroon pipeweed

Blue vushroon is a type of blue mold that grows only when suffused by the dweomer energies of the world cavern. When treated, shredded and dried, blue vushroon can be used in much the same manner as any type of pipeweed.

Blue vushroon pipeweed creates a sour, earthy smelling, blue smoke that imbues the user with a rush of dweomer magic. Using blue vushroon grants the user advantage on Intelligence and Charisma checks for one hour, as well as disadvantage on Strength and Constitution checks until they finish a long rest.

If a creature attempts to use blue vushroon more than once before they take a long rest, they must make a DC 14 constitution saving throw or be paralyzed for one hour.

Devil weed is legal everywhere, but loses its potency if removed from the world cavern's energy for more than 1 week. It rarely makes it out of the world cavern, but can be found in some drow districts of Findle.

Like other types of pipeweed, blue vushroon cost approximately 100gp per lb.