Borbatir Mudmantle
Basic Information
Aliases Bor Mudmantle
Home Fjellraizad
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Race Oni (Ogre Mage)_
Class Sorcerer
Patron Cuelebre
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Several thousand at least.
Alignment Lawful Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Bor Mudmantle was a Korobokuru dwarf and one of the mystics who cared for Korobokuru shrines in the year 158 of the 5th age. Bor was one of only a handful of survivors, mostly the young and elderly, who lived through an attack by Trolls. The rest of the survivors traveled through the Fjellraizad pass to investigate the source of the floodwaters. Bor encountered a group of adventurers who were seeking to put an end to a devastating flood that drowned the Korobokuru homeland. Despite being a member of a well respected shamanic order, Bor displays a surprisingly poor understanding of his duties. He has displayed multiple powers however, including the ability to turn invisible at will.

One of Bor's powers is his ability to speak with animals, although he claims to be only able to speak to baby animals.

Bor has many animal companions. He claims that they name themselves which explains why his ferret has no name, she was already a teenager when they met.

While travelling with a group of adventurers, he revealed his true identity as an oni and stole the 6 demon bag in an attempt to free Xungo. He was slain shortly after accidentally releasing the demon, Ma Shihun.


"Borbatir" as he appeared in his natural form.


One of Borbatir's companions is the baby goat called Bumbi. Bumbi is know for his prominent use of foul language.