For ages after the fall of the Empyrean Empire, giants and dwarves closely guarded the secrets of ironworking. Humans and goblin-kin were forced to work with bronze. This easily worked metal can be used in place of steel for both weapons and armor. In more modern ages, bronze armor is still occasionally used by goblin-kin and for ceremonial purposes.

Bronze Armor

Bronze can be used to create any medium or light armor made entirely of metal or that has metal components. It protects a creature as well as steel armor does, but it has the fragile property. Bronze armor has the same weight as normal steel armor of its type.

Bronze Weapons

Bronze weapons have the same weight and do the same damage as steel weapons of the same type but also have the fragile property.

Bronze Breastplate

Bronze is often uses to craft high quality, close fitting breastplates. Bronze breastplates have +1 max dex compared to steel breastplates.

Fragile Property

Fragile Weapons

Fragile weapons cannot take the beating that sturdier weapons can. If you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll with a fragile weapon, you must then make a DC(10) Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) save or that weapon is damaged and only does half damage after that. If already damaged, the weapon is destroyed instead.

Fragile Armor

Armor with the fragile property falls apart when hit with heavy blows. If you are wearing fragile armor and are hit with a critical hit, you must make a DC(10) Dexterity (Acrobatics) save or the armor is damaged and the AC bonus it provides is halved. If already damaged, the armor is destroyed instead.

Item Type Cost Modifier Strength Requirement Weight Modifier
Ammunition - - -
Light weapon - - -
One-handed weapon - - -
Two-handed weapon - - -
Medium Armor - - -
Shields - - -