Cainia is a land of bitter cold and disturbing stillness. Not even a breath of wind blows in this frozen place. The only constant movement is the gentle shifting of ice along the shore of the river Cocytus.


River Cocytus

The river of wailing. This river guides forsaken souls into the Silent Realms. Souls that are not claimed nor are heavy with greed, envy, vanity or spite find their way to this river.

The Spires

Massive packs of frozen mortal souls dot the landscape like trees in a forest. This is the grand work of ice devils who rely on the constant stream of weak souls as nourishment and use them to build their structures.

Runestones of Kossuth

These runestones were brought from Thessan through permanent portals. They are charged with elemental energy and provide enough heat to keep the frozen atmosphere at bay. Similar runestones protect the Prime Material from the cold which seeps through permanent portals in the Cainscape. A small population of Thessan Humans man a fort huddled around the stones.


Mortal Souls

The souls of mortal beings sent to this plane are frozen and packed into the glaciers to await their potential use.

Ice Devils

Populations of ice devils call this place their home and feed off of the small amount of energy found in the frozen mortal souls.

The river Cocytus as it winds to the heart of Cainia

Frost Giants

In ancient times, giants under the banner of the Empyrean empire found this realm very habitable. Titanic beasts roamed the silent snowfall grazing on frozen mortal souls. Sadly the Cainian Behemoths, as well as most of the other creatures were hunted to extinction. As the realm grew more and more barren, the frost giants retreated back to the Prime Material and settled in the lands of Thrym, also known as Morat Ras.

Thessan Humans

A small population of rangers from Thessan live in the silent snowfall of Cainia. Originally, Aragoth Hellslay sent bands of his rangers through the portal in Cainia to discover the fate of his friend Dirk Dankil, however few returned once the ice devils discovered them. After a series of deals with Ashmedai, Aragoth's rangers were permitted to explore unmolested.

Dirk the Berserk

The hero-deity Dirk the Berserk calls this realm home, or he would if he were not frozen solid in a giant block of ice along with the giant demon-spider he hunted.