Session 1

Plagued by an unseen enemy, an elven village in the Silver Reach has closed themselves off to all outsiders. Only with the appearance of a pair of half elves from the city of Fairport bringing news of an impending Drow raid, do they open their gates. The half elves Nawen and Riddil meet up with a priest of Solonar named Aust Silverfrond who is attempting to root out the unseen evil.

Session 2

The constant disappearances within the village finally have a name. "Elfslayer" The party chased the beast for hours before cornering it in an ancient orc fortress outside of town, but were unable to slay the creature before it escaped.

Session 3

Distracted by the doppleganger, the drow raid has come and the village burns. The party do what they can to defend the town but are only able to save a handful. Aust Silverfrond refuses to return to Fairport with his half elven companions, instead arming himself with the villages holiest relics and heading deeper into the forest obsessed with revenge against the drow who slew his people.