A Carcerum is a temple dedicated solely to Azogun. The Carcerem of the Heir of Eo is a massive dark stone brick building, primarily active after midnight and before dawn. The sharp edges and unusual shape contrast with the elegant and curved wooden structures of Mungu around it. A great set of iron doors set with red stained glass windows wash the streets below with an eerie ruby glow. 

For centuries, the priests of this carcerum have been stoking anti-western sentiment in Mungu. This began to boil over in the fourth age when Arundel Shay banished the priesthood of Azogun. In the early fifth age Findle was reformed as a Theocracy of the Empyrean Church and the Azogun priests demanded representation. When they were denied as a heretical cult, the priesthood rallied the Danasian people into war with Findle.

The strong walls of the Carcerem of the Heir of Eo managed to survive several battles within the city and is well respected by the communities of Mungu.

Like all carcerems, the Carcerem of the Heir of Eo is commonly used as a prison for the most deviant criminals.