Cascade Flu

Cascade Flu is a disease which is easily and quickly spread by vermin. It causes dangerous flu-like symptoms when contracted by a normal person, and causes a psionic cascade when effecting any persons with psionic powers. A psionic cascade is a loss of control over psionic abilities. Using power points becomes dangerous for a character infected by cascade flu, once the incubation period has run its course. Every time an afflicted character manifests a power, she must make a DC 16 Concentration check. On a failed check, a psionic cascade is triggered. The power operates normally, but during the following round, without the character’s volition, two additional powers she knows manifest randomly, and their power cost is deducted from the character’s reserve. During the next round, three additional powers manifest, and so on, until all the psionic character’s power points are drained. Powers with a range of personal or touch always affect the diseased character. For other powers that affect targets, roll d%: On a 01–50 result, the power affects the diseased character, and 51–00 indicates that the power targets other creatures in the vicinity. Psionic creatures (those that manifest their powers without paying points) cascade until all the powers they know have manifested at least twice.

In the year 158V a vashar mutant by the name of Fushoku Kansen infected the city of Mungu in hopes that a psionic cascade would possibly cripple Kimchiwei and his companions.