These powerfully enchanted gloves were crafted by chronomancer Chimi Chagna within the Copper Tower in An Lema. Chimi's Prismatic Gloves are made of copper dragon scales and imbued with powerful prismatic magic.


Each glove contains 1 charge which are replenished every day at precisely noon. 

You may expel one charge to cast Prismatic Spray from a single glove. If you are attuned to both gloves, you may expel both charges as a single action to simultaneously cast two Prismatic Sprays, one from each glove.

You may expel both charges from both gloves simultaneously to cast Prismatic Wall, but only as a 30 foot sphere around yourself. This version of Prismatic Wall requires concentration. The wearer’s hands are clapped together as in prayer, and if the hands are separated, concentration is broken and the spell dissipates. 

The gloves may be worn as a set, one at a time, or separately by two individuals. However, the gloves will not function if they are more than 10ft away from each other at any time.