Chimi Chagna
Basic Information
Aliases None
Home An Lema
Former home(s) None
Gender Male
Race Gem Gnome
Class Sorcerer
Patron Cerlendriel
Date of birth Reincarnation of Eilara Shay
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level High
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Chimi was a gem gnome sorcerer and reincarnation of Arundel Shay's sinister granddaughter Eilara. The god Parun performed the reincarnation at the request of Yggritte who could not bear to kill her own sister.

The Gnome was taken and left alone and unconscious in the Ibyth highlands two years in the past, where he would meet up with the Unsung Heroes as the mysterious Chimi Chagna.

Chimi has no memory of his former life but does share the sorcerers abilities. His focus was on prismatic spells until he met the copper dragon Vroolixar who took an immediate liking to the gnome and began to teach him aspects of chronomancy, gifting him a copper dragon egg to care for. Vroolixar was later killed by Eilara. The two incarnations had a fierce hatred for each other and dueled multiple times, each ending non-lethally or in a draw. The egg later hatched into a copper wyrmling that identified itself as Vroolixar and greeted Chimi as his master. The wyrmling served as Chimi's familiar for many years learning much about chronomancy.

Chimi retired from adventuring at the end of the fourth age and took his dragon master's place as a chronomancer at the Copper Tower in An Lema.

Chimi Chagna

Chimi in his early days.