Chorus Trees are the cultural center and place of worship for many copper elf societies. These trees are ancient, tended throughout the centuries by elven druids. The Copper Elves regularly practiced the ancient art of head-hunting, believing that the head housed a person's soul. Heads of honored enemies and ancestors were stored in tree hollows, and over time some trees in the Silver Reach would be nearly all skull hollows. Copper Elves create these trees to serve as a library of knowledge. Through their magics, specifically the Speak with Dead spell Shamans and head-hunters can access ancient wisdom that would otherwise be lost. Nobody is sure how many chorus trees exist, but they are found in nearly every forest occupied by copper elves.

Places of Worship

Each tree has a semblance of consciousness and somehow knows the location and status of all other chorus trees. The trees themselves are rarely directly worshiped, serving mainly as a mouthpiece with which to communicate with the spirits of nature, known as the "old faiths" by humans.