Session 39

Mortified at the thought of something rushing through the portal from Tartarus, the party rush to Illden to recruit some assistance. Jamlamin and Shalazar volunteer to keep watch on the portal while the remaining party run to Illden. Unfortunately, while Illden was freed of the Inquisition presence, the citizens warily avoid the armed adventurers. Seeking aid, they convince the guards to allow them into the Governors manner. Unfortunately Arundel Shay is nowhere to be found. His room is trashed, chairs are splintered and a deep slash mark mares the doorway. The signs of a violent struggle are unnerving, but not as much as the sticky puddle of half-dried blood sopping into the rug. Halafas and Geshran, are likewise also missing from the city.

Marceliyna sends prayers to her deity, begging for guidance. As night falls, her dreams are swept up by the will of Mab. Her dreams are vivid and prophetic.

"Two princes enter battle, one a master archer and one with spear

The archer fights on as every arrow is destroyed on impact with the enemy shields.

He looks for more but finds he’s the only archer on a field of knights.

His enemies overtake him as his quiver is depleted.

The spear-man lives, picking up the spears of the fallen when his is lost."

Likewise, Illiaph receives his own prophetic dream.

"Seven sailors aboard a river ship are gifted goods from a temple.

They fill 2 barrels with silver and only one with water

A heavy fog rolls in as they venture home and end up at sea.

Days pass and the water runs dry.

The sailors beg the river god for fresh water. 

The spirit opens the sky and rain floods the boat. 

The silver serves as a tithe to the river spirit as the sailors drown."

The two servants of the Unseelie Queen wake in a cold sweat and relay their dreams to the rest of the party. A long conversation and debate breaks out on how to interpret these dreams. Unfortunately their debate is cut short as they march closer and closer to the Tartarun gateway.

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