Dagon Grimhold
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Wynstport
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Male
Race Tiefling
Class Rogue
Patron None
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 5
Alignment Neutral Evil
Favorite item Unknown

Dagon was a member of the thieves guild, Hell in Hand for as far as he could remember. He climbed the ranks of Hell in Hand in Wynstport, becoming a "smacker" or enforcer. Dagon specializes in intimidation and closed quarters combat, taking full advantage of his spellcraft abilities.

He and his "cleaner" Realk Swan followed a lead that the chieftain of Stokkseyri on Hatchet Isle had come into a sudden fortune and they traveled to the island to relieve him of it. Unfortunately, they walked right into the middle of a war between the islands human population and the local fey. They learned that the chieftains riches had been looted from the nearby Rimeclad Keep on the Northern part of the island and traveled with a group of mercenaries to fill their pockets. The keep was not abandoned however, as a frost hag had made it her home. The party chose to side with the humans by slaying her and unfortunately this choice had dire consequences as other hags, seeking vengeance for their fallen sister, soon claimed the island as their own and no one ever heard from the villagers again.