Danasian Weapons

Danasia is a continent constantly perfecting the art of war. In addition to Dragon Powder weapons such as bombs and firearms which are commonplace, warriors generally prefer close quarters combat with scimitars, axes and spears of all kinds. In addition to weapons analogous to other cultures, much more dangerous weapons have been constructed by armies and monasteries over the centuries.

Simple Melee Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Studded Club 1 gp 1d6 bludgeoning 6 lbs Heavy, Versatile (2d4)
Deer Horn Blade 5 gp 1d6 slashing 1 lb Finesse, Light
Monk's Spade 10 gp 1d6 slashing 6 lbs Finesse, Special

Martial Melee Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Bagua Sword 50 gp 1d12 Slashing 6 lbs Heavy, two-handed
Han Longsword 115 gp 1d8 slashing 3 lb Versatile (1d10), Silvered
Han Longsword Sheath 5 gp 1d4 blugeoning 2 lb Light
Jian 25 gp 1d8 piercing 2 lbs Finesse
Meteor Hammer 10 gp 2d6 blugeoning 10 lbs Heavy, Two-handed, Reach

Bagua Sword

A type of greatsword nearly as tall as a man. The bagua sword is mainly a shock or fear weapon used by footmen to combat mounted opponents or large beasts. Characters proficient with the bagua sword may treat it as a greatsword for the purpose of any feats.

Deer Horn Blades

These unconventional weapons are often sold in pairs. Their unusual shape provides excellent offensive and defensive capabilities. Users often jokingly say that wielding one is like holding four daggers at once.

Han Longsword

Clan Han was once closely aligned with the Dankil dwarves who ruled before the Legault-Dan dynasty took control in the fourth age. Their longswords were rarely produced in later ages, but still reflect the immense wealth the clan once possessed. These exceptional longswords are not only weapons but status symbols for collectors and generals.

Han Longsword Sheath

In addition to the swords, many of the sheiths were designed to serve as weighted clubs for dual wielding.


The Jian is a double-edged straight sword similar in length to a longsword. Its extremely light and flexible blade allows the user to perform more agile maneuvers. Characters proficient with the jian may treat it as a longsword for the purpose of any feats.

Meteor Hammer

This weapon consists of one or two spherical weights attached by a 10-foot chain. Spinning and swinging the weights allows the user to deliver powerful blows from a distance.

Monk's Spade

This exotic weapon is a type of pole weapon with a crescent blade on one end and a flat spade-like blade on the other. Originally a simple spade carried by wandering monks for the purpose of burying dead bodies they encountered, the simple weapon was later improved and stylized.

Special: This weapon can be used as if fighting with two weapons, despite it not being a light weapon. When fighting in this manner, you may make an additional attack with the other end as a bonus action. This attack deals 1d6 slashing damage on a successful hit.

Studded Club

A heavy, well crafted wooden club studded with iron. It has been said that it was created to smash enemies' armor, bones and the legs of their warhorses.

Martial Ranged Weapons

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Horse Bow 50 gp 1d8 piercing 3 lbs Ammunition (Range 80/320), heavy, two-handed

Horse Bow

Higher quality bow than the average short bow, the horse bow was invented by the Shanren and is crafted by layering antler and bone instead of wood. It has a higher damage than a short bow, but less range than a longbow.