Devil Weed is a recreational substance used in similar fashion to tobacco. It is produced from the wyssin plant, originally native to the plane of Dormus, but is now found throughout the drier regions of Ord. Leaves from the wyssin plant are generally dried and pressed into blocks before being shaved and smoked in a pipe or other such mechanism. The smoke is thick and syrupy leading to the common practice of flavoring pipe tobacco with devil weed.

Using devil weed tends to cloud the mind and imparts disadvantage on Wisdom based checks until you finish a long rest. A secondary side effect of the substance is a rush of physical prowess. You receive advantage on all Strength based checks for 1 hour.

Creatures who regularly use devil weed exhibit strange tendencies and are easily confused or skittish.

Devil weed is illegal in Findle, but is commonly used in Thessan, Olgun Quisir and Hul.

Like other types of pipeweed, devil weed cost approximately 100gp per lb.