These magical tattoos are coveted by smugglers, assassins and all manner of ner-do-wells. Through a ritual the caster reduces a weapon or item (magical or non magical) into an ink component and creates a.

The creator has their choice in style and determines the appearance, although it will always appear as a stylized version of the item stored. The creator, in addition to being a skilled arcanist, must be a skilled enough artist to produce the desired tattoo.

A cursory glance can not identify a dimensional tattoos, only a detect magic or identify spell will reveal its true nature. The tattoo has its limits and can not store items larger than medium, or items that are already overtly powerful.

If a character with a dimensional tattoo is killed, the item is not released from its enchantment. The tattooed skin retains the ability. This has lead some more grizzly characters to carry bits of flesh, housing these magical marks. Some even make gloves or bracers from the skin, allowing them to take advantage of the tattoos magic. Destroying the tattoo, or the body that it is attached to, such as with a disintegrate spell, will release the item.


Stowing or retrieving an item from a dimensional tattoo is a bonus action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.


Dimensional tattoos are not uncommon among hill dwarves.

Rarity GP Value
Tiny (bottle, lock, dagger) 100
Small (chest, lute, longsword) 200
Medium (barrel, greataxe) 500
Large (cart, 10-­ft.-­by-­10-­ft. cage) 1000
Magic (Common) X5
Magic (Uncommon) X10
Magic (Rare) X15
Magic (Very Rare) Not Tattooable
Magic (Unique/Artifact) Not Tattooable