A reptilian race said to be descended from the troglodyte and doppelganger inhabits the Deepmountain realm in the worldcaverns.


Little is known about the history of the doppeltrogs, other than their apparent heritage. doppeltrogs are one of the few races with a presence in both the surface and the worldcavern. The largest population of doppeltrogs mainly live in the ruined city of Magh Kuldohr the city of the roaring mad.


doppeltrogs worship the same deity as most reptilian beings. Anmarru the dustlung and Cuelebre the great serpent or Jillin, the founder of flesh.

Appearance and Personality

doppeltrogs are reptilian shapeshifter, taller, slimmer and more upright than than the traditional troglodyte. Their head and limbs are smooth and rounded. They lack the frill on the top of their head, and a long tail of a troglodyte. Its eyes are dark and beady. Their ability to shape shift into the appearance of any humanoid allows them to infiltrate various societies.

doppeltrogs's exude a thick grease when agitated, similar to their troglodyte kin. This musky substance can be smelled from quite a distance and will linger long after the doppeltrogs departure.

Their ability to shape shift isn't as reliable as their doppelganger or changeling kin. The transformation takes constant concentration and can be interrupted if the doppeltrog takes damage.