First realm of the Devils. A realm of shared by mortals and devils alike, although not entirely pleasant for either. Dormus is a flat plane with a barren sky and no celestial bodies, light seems to be ambient, coming from the sky itself. Much of the plane is covered in a thick blood-like sea and what isn't is featureless and barren, spotted with occasional crumbling forts and skeletons from previous battles. The most notable feature of Dormus is the iron city of Dīs.

Ember Barrens

The barrens outside the walls of Dis are dry and cracked. Few creatures that live can do so in this place. Most of the inhabitants of the Ember Barrens are undead, or beyond the scope of such descriptions.

Furvuscruor Sea

The River Styx falls down upon Dīs from the Silent Realm of Odite, filling channels throughout the city and ending at several oozing falls over the walls and into the Furvuscruor Sea. The sea consists of a choking oily liquid. The sea liquid is thick and viscous, forming a smooth and glass-like surface, only rarely stirred up by unknown horrors below. Only small patches of land break the surface, all of which are barren rock, ruined war machines, or worse.

City of Dīs

The city of Dīs consists of concentric walls designed by devils as a place bring collected souls and wring energy out of them for use as sustenance and fuel for their war with the Abyss. Prior to the third age, this realm was ruled by a devil named Dīs Pater, but with the actions of a mortal named Aragoth Hellslay, Dīs Pater was overthrown and a devil named Éberdonne was made master. Éberdonne and Hellslay have an ongoing alliance with the full blessing and support of Ashmedai. The city of Dīs has accommodation for mortal travelers, and often flies the banners of the Thessan house Hellslay in these areas.