While true dragons are thought to be extinct in Ord, many suits of dragonhide armor remain as relics of the ancient wars between dragons known as Xorvintaal. Armorsmiths can work with the hides of true dragons, or lesser dragons such as wyverns to produce armor of great quality and resilience. Dragonhide can be used to replace regular leather or metal in breastplates, halfplate, splint mail and full plate. Dragonhide can be worn by druids without violating their druidic oaths.

By selecting only choice scales and bits of hide, an armorsmith can produce one suit of armor from a slain dragon.

  • Medium sized Light armor requires the hide of a large creature.
  • Medium sized Medium armor requires a huge creature or two large creatures
  • Medium sized Heavy armor requires requires a gargantuan creature, or two huge creatures. Wyverns are generally not large enough and their hide is not commonly suitable for such suits.

True Dragonhide

True dragons, both chromatic and metallic are thought to be extinct in Ord. Creating a new suit of true dragonhide armor is thought to be impossible. Some relics made from true dragonhide still exist and radiate the elemental power they once wielded. Such suits are priceless.

Magical suits of Dragon Scale Mail are made of true dragonhide and are highly prized for their unique enchantments.

Dragon Colour Elemental Resistance AC Bonus
Black Acid +1
Blue Lightning +1
Brass Fire +1
Bronze Lightning +1
Copper Acid +1
Gold Fire +1
Green Poison +1
Red Fire +1
Silver Cold +1
White Cold +1

Lesser Dragonhide

Lesser dragonhide is produces from lesser dragons, such as wyverns, drakes and dragon turtles. Most dragonhide items in Ord are produced by the Wynst noble family, from wyverns that are bred in captivity. It provides better protection than mundane leather and hide, and can replace steel in breastplates, halfplate, splint mail and full plate without penalty.

Hide Armor

Dragonhide hide armor is vastly superior to mundane hides, providing a +1 to AC as well as removing the maximum dexterity modifier.

Item Type Cost Modifier Modifier Weight Modifier
Dragonhide Whip +600 gp +1 to attack rolls -
Light Armor +(50 gp per pound) +1 AC -
Medium Armor +500 gp + (100 gp per pound) +1 AC (hide only) No maximum dexterity (hide only)
Heavy Armor +1000 gp + (500 gp per pound) - -