Eilara Shay
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Findle Palace
Former home(s) The Yodwood
Gender Female
Race Half Elf

1/2 Human (Yupik'yod)

1/4 Gold Elf

1/4 Copper Elf

Class Sorcerer
Patron Cuelebre
Date of birth 848 IV
Date of death 876 IV


Age 28
Level High
Alignment Unknown
Favorite item Unknown

Eilara is the elder sister of Yggritte. She was the first of the five daughters of a chieftain and his elven wife, who died of illness when Eilara was only eleven years old. She would later discover that her mother was the daughter of Arundel Shay, Lord Steward of Findle. One night, Eilara and her sisters witnessed the murder of her father and the slaughter of their tribe by Ravagers. Eilara was savagely abused by the Lyttan cultists and carried that psychological damage for the rest of her life. She and her sisters were drawn into their grandfather's plot to disrupt the resurrection of Valotha, who required an elven or half-elven girl to be her new vessel. His intention was to use the girls as bait to draw out dark elven cultists, but his plans were often routed by Yggritte and her companions' efforts to find and protect her sisters.

Eilara was enamored with her grandfather's courtly way of life and became obsessed with status and wealth. She was one of the finalists in the Findle Arcantion, or tournament of mages but was defeated by Chimi Chagna's creative use of the Grease spell.

She initially aided Yggritte in her mission to rescue their younger sisters but eventually defected to the dark elves and used a stolen page of Hellslay's Spellbook to unravel the material plane in a nihilistic bid for revenge against the world.

Few survived the catastrophic event. Details of what followed are vague, but ultimately, it is known that a small group, including Yggritte, were able to revert the world to its original state. Yggritte was able to defeat her unhinged sister, but was unable to bring herself to killing her. Parun decided to end the debate by reincarnating Eilara into a new body. The reincarnated Eilara was striped of her memories and deposited through a portal in the Observatory. The young gnome would awaken in the middle of the Ibyth Highlands with no memories of his former life, taking the name Chimi Chagna and introducing himself to a young Yggritte.