The Empyrean Titans, also known as the Tiānzǐ to the Eastern cultures of Danasia are a godlike race. They were originally elevated from their giant kin by Eo, the true god, to act as servants, consorts, advisers, representatives, and avatars. They are only one step down from the true God as rulers of the universe, and only the greatest celestials can match their might. Titans are not omnipotent or omniscient but they can still, however, cause god-like things to happen, and are incredibly powerful.

Titans were elevated from their giant kin by their relationship to Eo the overgod. Titans have a kinship with giants, storm giants and cloud giants in particular. Storm giants, who are the closest to titans ecologically, are often accepted by titans as peers and counselors, at any gathering of titans, there is a high probability of there being storm giants accompanying them. They can speak each of the six main dialects of giant.

Titans are devastating in combat. They can conjure up volcanoes, locusts, lightning storms, and the like at the snap of a finger, and can focus them to be apocalyptic. Though a bare-handed punch is enough to cause a mortal to explode, they prefer to fight with enormous weapons of adamantine. An impact from one of these weapons can cause earthquakes, and the strikes are nearly unstoppable. Titans seek out those who would disrupt them wherever they are, and can eliminate them at a whim. Most would never break an oath or a vow made to an ally. Titans both regenerate and are ageless. They cannot be harmed by mortal weapons, but they are not immortal. The Empyrean Titans can be slain in battle and were once more numerous than today.

Empyreans rarely propagate with giants or mortals, being content to rule from their quasi-divine realm, they simply oversee their predetermined realms until the day come when their time is ended. Some are less willing to part with aspects of mortal life and have gone renegade, such as Parun and Lyttan.

The Empyrean Church is an unbroken continuation of faiths and rituals dating back to the accession of the Empyrean gods. In ancient times, the church was run by lesser giants and their dwarven servants. After the fall of the Empyrean Empire and the kingdoms of Kolzamar and Kazolmor, the church was spread into human lands and has gained a foothold as the most popular faith, replacing worship of the Old Gods and spirits of nature.