Erin Greenwood
Basic Information
Aliases Priestess Greenwood
Home Temple of Materan, Helmstadt Valley
Former home(s) Redguard
Gender Female
Race Human, Thessan
Class Cleric
Patron Danu
Date of birth 4178
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 4
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown

Erin was a druidic priestess of the Old God Danu from Redguard in Thessan. She was sent to get help when an army of gnolls threatened a temple of Danu in the Helmstadt Valley. She was an associate of St. Geshran the Temperate and Jodando Legault.

With the death of the high priest of Danu, she became the new spiritual leader of the region, ruling from the Temple of Danu. Sadly the temple, as well as the nearby town of Houndsheim and the Vonovich Bard College, were lost to a gnolls early in the fourth age.

She was entombed in the ancient Temple of Danu which was re-purposed in later ages as the Empyrean Temple of Materan in Harvestveil, alongside her friend Yod Na'Azel'Leth.