The gods worshiped by the people of Ord, range from enlightened mortal heroes to powerful Empyrean titans. Domineering churches span continents while passionate hermits venerate natural forces in quiet seclusion. Faith is a means of obtaining power, peace of mind or a noble afterlife. Priests and clerics learn to channel the spiritual power of these creatures or forces, called orenda, in a similar manner as arcane spellcasters manipulate mana to produce magical effects.

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Divine Domain

Divine domains were a specific areas of interest for deities, particularly to do with the magic and spells granted to their faithful. Clerics of a particular deity choose one of the deity's domains to focus upon, and gained access to extra spells within that domain. A deity could have as many or as few domains as it pleases, although it was unusual to have more than four, or for associated deities to share a domain.

Some domains naturally opposed one another, such as destruction and protection, or chaos and order. A cleric must conformed to the alignment requirements in order to focus on these domains, even if they belonged to their deity's portfolio.

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