Prolonged exposure to the energies of the Hafea'llarion imbues mundane gemstones with strength and resilience greater than worked steel. Such gemstones can be cut and ground into weapons that possess interesting and useful properties.

Fea Emerald weapons are difficult to craft and must be created from actual emeralds of appropriate sizes. Simple weapons such as arrowheads, daggers and spears can be made with multiple small pieces, but martial weapons generally require larger and much more rare emeralds. Such massive gemstones may be discovered only once per century and are highly prized by Grey Elf nobles.

Each weapon is crafted with purpose and takes several centuries in close proximity to the Hafea'llarion to gain these properties. These weapons are considered sacred relics by the Grey Elves of the Mith'Taern and are they go through great lengths to recover any lost or stolen weapons.

Fea Emerald Weapons

Weapons made with Fea Emeralds are granted supernatural properties in addition to unique physical features. Weapons crafted with this material weigh half as much as steel weapons and are easier to wield due to their lighter weight. Fea Emerald weapons deal damage as if they were magical weapons and can deal damage to incorporeal creatures and creatures on the ethereal plane as if they were material.

  • If the original weapon is Heavy, it is no longer so.
  • If the original weapon isn't Heavy, gains the Finesse property.
  • Is a magic weapon for purposes of overcoming resistances.
  • Fea-Shard weapons rebuke all attempts to magically enhance them are unable to hold enchantments or spells such as Magic Weapon.
  • Fea Emeralds are specially attuned to spirits, and are one of the few substances known to harm ethereal creatures such as a ghost using the Etherealness ability.
Item Type Cost Modifier Strength Requirement Weight Modifier
Ammunition +50 gp + (5 x base price) - 1/2
Light weapon +500 gp + (5 x base price) - 1/2
One-handed weapon +2000 gp + (5 x base price) - 1/2
Two-handed weapon +3500 gp + (5 x base price) - 1/2