Filverel Elaran
Basic Information
Aliases Filverel Manhunter
Home The Mith'taren
Former home(s) Unknown
Gender Female
Race Grey Elf
Class Ranger
Patron Liadon
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Despite not being a copper elf, Filverel Manhunter is a priestess of Liadon and captain of the Order of the Bow. Although unlikely, she claims to have silver elf blood and therefore, a kinship with Liadon.

She is the contract holder for the Order of the Bow Contract.

She is uncharacteristically friendly and polite for a bounty hunter.

She and Marcelyina got along extremely well in the time they knew each other. Pointing out their similar features they briefly discussed the possibility of a shared relation.