Findle (pronounced FIN-dl) also known as the Middle Kingdom was an independent nation in the central continent of Ord. It was historically one of the most contested countries of Ord. The country spanned from Greenville in the North, to Olgun Quisir in the South, and from An Lema in the West to Dan's Rest in the East.

Findle is a religious state with mandatory worship laws. Non-Empyrean worship is considered heresy and is not tolerated. Those who break this mandate are generally imprisoned or exiled.

Openly carrying a weapon was frowned upon without an official license, but adventurers could likely lend a tremendous amount of aid to the overstretched Findle military. The Steward Arundel Shay was known to offer land in exchange for services rendered to the country, so Findle was a place to which adventurers, wanting to make a name for themselves, tended to flock. Most adventurers stayed after the restoration of the monarchy, which has lead to a very diverse population.
Findle landscape

The ladscape of Findle is dotted with ruins from the ancient goblin-kin empire of Ibyth.

As of 155 V the country was under threat from food shortage. Nobles bickered over land rights, Quisiri merchant companies and Ibyth war bands have footholds on the outskirts. Orcish hordes and Danasian spies both posed a constant threat.

In 152 V, king Pahlin Holt is has been laid to rest. His twin heirs now rule the country as joint monarchs.

Around 138 V the country felt the effects of the second War of Wings and lost much of its Northwestern holdings and the island of Narrock. The Ibyth Highlands have remained suspiciously devoid of goblin and orc activity which has lead to some enterprising Findlites seizing large areas of land.

The ruler as of 496 IV, Pahlin Holt, had his hands full dealing with the re-establishment of the Monarchy and the onset of very costly skirmishes with Danasia.




Roadside Inns

Common Races

FindleitePort QuisiriPort Sun Elf Hill Dwarf Crimbury Halfling RockGnomePort HalfelfPort

 Banking and Coinage


Sample of Findelian coinage. The style has changed little in the past several centuries.

The Harvest Brotherhood are responsible for banking and minting coinage in Findle. Coins minted by the Harvest Brotherhood are all stamped with the Seed of Profit, also known as the Eye of the Brotherhood and include the following denominations.

Copper Stag - Small copper coins are the base of common trade in most kingdoms.

Silver Lion - Silver lions are generally reserved for use by merchants and nobility. Common folk rarely seen silver

Gold Dragon - Gold coins are ubiquitus to adventuring and nobility, but almost never seen by common people.

Platinum Star - Platinum is the most valuable metal. These coins are stamped with the Brother Star and used to trade between kingdoms or for exceedingly high value items.