Alaesti Firebearer was a great elven smith who allied herself with a group of humans rebelling against the frost giant warlock Jökultönn. She spent months teaching the men basic magics as well as forging a set of eight firey longswords to fight the frostbrand swords wielded by the giants and their servants. Unfortunately the rebellion was cut short being infiltrated by loyal servants of the giant. Alaesti Firebearer was slain by Jökultönn. The flametongues were given to several prominent frost giants as trophies after Jökultönn's death.

In the late third age, an elven army following the trail led by descendants of Alaesti Firebearer invaded the lands of Thrym, slaying many. They recovered three of the eight flametongues which have traded hands countless times.

Although many smiths and arcanists have tried to replicate the process, the secret to creating flametongue longswords died with Alaesti Firebearer.

Each longsword was cast from gold stolen from the frost giant coffers and bears a ruby salamander on the pommel.


Rilken's Flametongue longsword "Roar"


Roar was a flametongue longsword weilded by Terron Blackwell in the fifth age. The pommel was re-smithed with the black lion of house Blackwell but was otherwise identical to the other eight. This sword was recovered by Rilken and was instrumental in the adventures of Blackwells crew, being used by Rilken, Daellethan, and Jamlamin.