Funiku Dorobo
Funiku Dorobo
Basic Information
Aliases Rilken's Lich

The Merchant


Home Ruins near Longcrossing
Former home(s) Shra


Gender Male
Race Tengu Lich
Class Wizard
Patron Vis
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Favorite item Unknown

Funiku Doboro is an ancient Tengu lich. He was sealed away in the mountains East of Findle for thousands of years before revived by the Brotherhood of the Raven. He was forced to drain souls from the local population to feed his phylactery.

Funiku views kenku as a perversion of his own race and experimented on many of them to attempt to restore the tengu. He left the continent for Narrock shortly after transforming a large number of the residents of the town of Longcrossing into subservient ghouls and setting them to the task of tunneling deeper into the mountains.

For months he attempted to access the city of Shra, but was unable to pass through the barrier keeping the specters inside.


Funiku as he appears with his mask.

Some time later he came across Shalazar and Alistyre in Narrock. He attempted to bargain with them for their aid in recovering the Shra Royal Scroll and now follows the party looking for a way to force their compliance.

He recently made a deal with Illiaph to save his party from lycanthropes in exchange he was promised the three newly hatched tengu children discovered in Shra.

Funiku wears a dark blue cowled robe and tattered green cloth mantle from in the town of Longcrossing.

It was revealed shortly before his destruction that he is the physical remnant of the hero-deity Vis. Upon his defeat at the hands of Arundel Shay, his lich phylactery created a new body, but without the Spark of Envy, the lich's original personality regained dominance.

Funiku was finally slain and his phylactery destroyed by Rilken and Blackwells crew after a long and costly battle that took the life of his rival, Arundel Shay. Destroying the phylactery resulted in the shattering of the sword Tonguesever and also cost the life of Rilken himself as the death knight's spirit was bound to the task and freed at its completion.