Fushoku Kansen
Basic Information
Aliases One who infects
Home Port Mungu Sewers
Former home(s) Jangjilin Isle
Gender Male
Race Human, Vasharan Mutant
Class Rogue, Druid
Patron Jilin
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown, Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Fushoku Kansen was a Vasharan Mutant spellcaster and one of three brothers working to uncover the Six Demon Bag. Kansen is known as a Cancer Mage, an obscure and taboo method of acquiring power through saturating oneself with filth and disease. Through this, he is able to commune with and manipulate diseases as a druid would with animals. He also has been gifted with unusual regenerative properties through Vasharan rituals.

In the spring of 158V, a party of adventurers uncovered their plot and slew his brothers. He barely managed to escape and fled deeper into the labyrinth under Port City Mungu. He attempted to bargain with the adventurers to prevent the 6 Demon Bag from falling into the hands of mortal men, but was wholly rejected. His grotesque regenerative abilities made him nearly impossible to kill and he may have managed to escape death by regenerating from a severed arm.

Due to his various diseases, Kansen can barely speak above a faint raspy whisper.