Fushoku Shinjun
Basic Information
Aliases One who infiltrates
Home Port City Mungu
Former home(s) Jangjilin Isle
Gender Male
Race Human, Vashar
Class Bard
Patron Jilin
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death 158 V
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Unknown, Evil
Favorite item Unknown
Fushoku Shinjun was a Vasharan merchant and leader of three brothers working to uncover the Six Demon Bag. Shinjun dressed as a member of the affluent merchant class and spoke in an educated tone. He strongly supported the idea of working with the adventurers who uncovered the Fushoku cabal but was the first to be killed when their sinister natures were uncovered.

Shinjun's armor and clothing suggest that he was disguised as a member of clan Go. His disappearance may have lasting consequences for those that are responsible as clan Go is known to be a pitiless and hawkish mercantile family.