The Ganquii Prefecture is a large administrative district created by the Dankil Dwarves shortly after they overthrew the ancient Dan Dynasty in the third age. The prefecture grew out of territories once held by the Oni Lords and houses the highest numbers of Korobokuru and Guaiwog of any prefecture in Danasia.

The Ganquii Prefecture is covered in deep and primordial forests, occupied mostly by beasts and guaiwog. Only the land around and South of Khassum Lake is considered part of the territory, although many draw their own borders.

The capital of Danasia has moved several times over the centuries. During the rule of the Cruisegar Dwarves the capital city of Oldan was a sight to behold. Dwarven stone-workers built a mountain of walls and keeps around the capital, which would eventually fall to the armies of the Dan and struggle to retain its relevance in the coming centuries. The new capital city of Gangdan stands just South of Khassum lake, perilously close to the wilderness, and served as the nations capital in the 5th age.