Geshran Herat
Basic Information
Aliases Geshran the lesser
Home Unknown
Former home(s) Herat Isle
Gender Male
Race Human


Class Cleric
Patron Morrigan
Date of birth 549 IV
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level High
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Favorite item Unknown

Geshran was the son of the ruling family of Herat and was in line for the title as High Mystic Theurge of the island. He takes strongly after the original St. Geshran and may even be the saint reincarnated. During his adventures he stumbled upon the resting place of St. Geshran the Temperate and took possession of Gustav.

While traveling South from Thessan, Geshran became entangled in the quest to rescue Yiggritte's siblings. Through his families influence and his commanding presence they were able to avoid several skirmishes with the Danasian cult of Azogun. During his travels he was killed and was only able to be revived through Rixom's reincarnate spell, this transformed the otherwise charming and attractive Geshran into a snarling bugbear, and unfortunatley prevented him from accepting his birthright as leader of Herat Isle. The party, along with the help of Quixote, Arundel Shay and Parun the god of debauchary, eventually foiled the drow matron mothers plans to resurrect the demi-god Valotha the venomous. Geshran then chose to leave the mortal realm with Parun, Shay and Quixote, and was not seen again for nearly a century and a half. He later reappeared to help prevent the spark of loyalty from falling into the wrong hands.

Geshran's dedication to Morrigan offered him access to many obscure spells including his most famous spell, Girallon's Blessing, which allowed him to grow additional arms.

Geshran's signature weapons were the twin war scythes Wheat and Chaff as well as the greatsword Rimebrand. Using Girallion's Blessing, he managed to successfully wield all three two-handed weapons in battle.


Geshran as a bugbear