Basic Information
Aliases Glashael's Exarch
Home Traveler
Former home(s) Fjellraizad
Gender Male
Race Undead

Human, Thessan

Class Warlock
Patron Glashael the White
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown.

More than 500 years.

Level 8
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Favorite item Unknown

The warlock that would eventually be known as "Glashael" was once the exharch to a mighty white dragon during the ending age of Xorvintaal. He served the dragon, hidden within Fjellraizad, and disguised as one of the dwarven priests there. Fjellraizad was a perfect stronghold, defended well from other dragons. Unfortunately, hid patron contracted a deadly disease. When the disease took the dragon's life, the warlock was cut off from his source of magic. He was trapped in the dragon's lair.

In a desperate attempt to escape death, the warlock attempted lichdom and failed. He did not become a full lich, but he did manage to turn himself into a deathlock. Several hundred years passed and the temple went quiet. The dwarves had abandoned it. As time drew on, the warlock has sat in meditation, attempting to maintain his sanity. Unfortunately, he would forget much of his former life, including his name. He remembered only the name of his dragon, the mummified creature still coiled across his horde.

When he was discovered by a group of adventurers, he considered the release a blessing and swore to assist those who willingly released him. His powers are not as formidable as they were when his patron lived, but he still retains much of the dragons exharch power.

Despite his patron's death, the warlock, not calling himself Glashael, still harbors great, almost fanatical reverence for his dragon, and hatred for Cuelebre and her exharch Xungo who he perceives to still be a rival.