Glathkin Ordrak
Basic Information
Aliases Glath
Home Blackgrin Inn, Ulferveil, Thessan
Former home(s) Ordrak Clan Home, Meles, Findle
Gender Male
Race Hill Dwarf
Class Ranger
Patron Empyrean Church
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Age Unknown
Level 3
Alignment Neutral Good
Favorite item Unknown
Glathin's family traveled North from Meles decades ago, seeking the ancestral comforts of their homeland. However, after a variety of mishaps, and accidents (and a few deaths), his family elected to return to Findle.

Glathkin remained behind, along with his grandfather who taught him the ways of the land and the history of the Hill Dwarves and their ancient goblin-kin enemies, deeply ingraining a hatred for goblins and orcs into the young dwarf.

Time passed and the two manages a living working as wilderness guides. This came to an abrupt end one night when a raid by black orcs took the life of his grandfather. Glathkin managed to escape death after suffering for days under the whip of orc and goblin torturers.

Glathkin's escape did not mean he was safe, and he spent several more days on the run in the wilderness evading patrolling goblins. Managing to use he natural environment as cover, he slowly picked off goblins one by one over the course of several weeks until the marauding troupe fled the region.

Now healed and rested, he buried the remains of his grandfather in a mountain cairn and returned to his life as a guide for travelers. His occupation has taken him across Thessan and he now resides in the city of Ulferveil where he helps guide merchants through the forests and along the treacherous Wolves Mouth fjord.

He goes by the nick name "Glath" which he enthusiastically claims is pronounced like the word "glass" but with a lisp.