Basic Information
Aliases Grand Inquisitor
Home Findle City, Findle
Former home(s) Redguard, Thessan
Gender Female
Race Erinyes, Devil
Class Cleric
Patron Azogun
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death 158 V
Age Unknown
Level Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
Favorite item Unknown

Grand Inquisitor Var'izan has been a major player in Empyrean politics for the past five centuries. She lead the reform of the cult of Azogun after the failed coup d'état of Findle by the leaders of the cult. She was bound by church doctrine, as was Azogun, to serve the benefit of the pantheon and function as Grand Inquisitor until such time when the "line of Brightstone" takes up the mantle.

She served in several campaigns during the war between Danasia and Findle. Her knowledge of Azogun rituals and practices proved invaluable in the fight against the foreign cult.

Since the Year of Misfortune, she has lead the inquisitors in rooting out Danasian cults, and other such organizations widely believed to have been the reason behind Findle's decline.

Her recent targets have been heretical priests, as well as Empyrean priests of Parun. The church has remained oddly silent towards the disappearance of the vagabond clerics.

She has tried, multiple times, to abduct Marcelyina and knows for certain that she is an heretical priestess of Mab.

Inquisitor Var'izan travels in the guise of a half elf woman but does not shy away from revealing her winged form. She wears the armor of an inquisitor, marked with the holy symbol of Azogun as well as a six fingered palm print, the symbol of her father's house.