Grikson Kogaine
Grikson Kogaine
Basic Information
Aliases Unknown
Home Wingar
Former home(s) None
Gender Male
Race Orc blooded Human
Class Bard
Patron Empyrean
Date of birth 121 V
Date of death Yet to be seen
Age 36
Level 3
Alignment Neural Good
Favorite item Unknown
Grikson Kogaine runs the Golden Troll alehouse in Wingar. He seems desperate to stay open despite the famine, and is generally willing to exchange his services for food and other resources. He is extremely knowlegable about local events and nobility.

Grikson is of orcish descent and can trace his lineage to Craxx Kogaine, a powerful half-orc ranger from the North. Roumour has it, Craxx Kogaine traveled to other worlds and had friends including a number of kings, gods and dragons. Craxx claimed to have won the Golden Troll alehouse in a contest with the previous owner and it has been passed down the family line for over 150 years.

Grikson has revealed some connection to the Stone Lake Vipers.