Gruntal Brightstone
Budran the dwarf warrior priest by brianfajardo-d5r57vw
Basic Information
Aliases Grand Inquisitor Brightstone
Home Findle City, Findle
Former home(s) Meeles
Gender Male
Race Hill Dwarf
Class Cleric
Patron Nuadun
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death Unknown, lost in battle in the Fourth Age
Age Unknown
Level High
Alignment Lawful Good
Favorite item Thoughtbrand, Mace

Grand Inquisitor Brightstone was a respected leader in the Empyrean church before the disappearance of King Alpert of Findle. He was lost in battle against the cult of Azogun. Despite being a constant companion of the Four, the only witness of his demise was Steward Arundel Shay.

His name has since been a rallying cry for Empyrean hill dwarves. A small village Northwest of Meles bears his name.

None of his descendants bear the name Brightstone, his only daughter marrying into the Steelbraid family.